2018 IBWA Awards Program

Bottled water brands

Recognizing the contributions and achievements of bottled water professionals has a long and celebrated history at IBWA. Since 1961, we’ve been faithfully taking time to pause and acknowledge that, without the dedication of our member companies and their staffs, the bottled water industry would not enjoy its past or current success. Thus, IBWA is proud to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2018 IBWA Awards Program. The winners will be announced during IBWA’s General Session at the 2018 IBWA Annual Business Conference and Trade Show, November 12-15, at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Video Narrative Option
For those awards that request a written narrative describing why a nominee should receive a particular award, nominators have the option to provide instead a 3-minute (or less) video. Those videos should be provided to IBWA in either .mov or .mp4 formats. Videos can be emailed to shicks@bottledwater.org. (Note: Email attachments larger than 10 MB are not accepted by IBWA’s office Outlook email system. If your file is larger than 10 MB, you may have to use a service such as Hightail.com to email the file.) Click on the award category you are interested below for more details.

Award Categories

IBWA's Route Salesperson of the Year Award
Nobody exemplifies customer service in the bottled water industry better than your route salespeople. That's why IBWA created its Route Salesperson of the Year Award—to honor those individuals who represent your company and interact with your customers on a daily basis.

CLICK HERE to fill out the Route Salesperson of the Year Nomination Form online.

IBWA's Plant Manager of the Year Award
Your plant manager makes a tremendous impact in achieving business goals and objectives. It's your plant manager who ensures, on a daily basis, that your bottled water is a safe product for your customers. The IBWA Plant Manager of the Year Award recognizes the hard work and dedication that plant managers exemplify for their companies and the bottled water industry.

CLICK HERE to fill out the Plant Manager of the Year Nomination Form online.

The IBWA / Kristin Safran Directors’ Award
This award recognizes IBWA members whose advocacy, commitment, or actions on behalf of IBWA and the bottled water industry have achieved clear and measurable results for IBWA and the bottled water industry as a whole. Only IBWA Board of Directors, Executive Committee members, and Committee Chairs may provide candidate nominations for the Directors' Award.

CLICK HERE to fill out the IBWA/Kristin Safran Directors' Award Nomination Form online.

Environmental Stewardship Award
The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes member companies who have excelled in creating and implementing sustainable environmental projects and conservation measures. This award also provides an opportunity for IBWA to educate consumers, government officials, and the media about the environmental, conservation, and stewardship policies practiced by the bottled water industry. To show IBWA’s appreciation for all sustainability efforts, all entrants will receive recognition in IBWA News Splash and Bottled Water Reporter. We certainly encourage all of our members to apply. 

CLICK HERE to fill out the Environmental Stewardship Award Entry Form online.

Supplier of the Year Award
IBWA’s Supplier of the Year award highlights the outstanding performance of our supplier members. That performance can be demonstrated in a variety of ways—with examples being (but not limited to) the following:

  • product innovation
  • customer service
  • technological advances
  • “green” initiatives
  • community service
  • any efforts advancing interests of the bottled water industry.

IBWA strongly encourages all IBWA bottler members to nominate IBWA supplier members for the IBWA Supplier of the Year award.

CLICK HERE to fill out the Supplier of the Year Nomination Form online.

Product Innovation Award
The Product Innovation Award celebrates the creativity and ingenuity found in the bottled water industry. The judging panel will use the following criteria when reviewing all entries: Is the product genuinely innovative? Does it introduce a new concept? Does it introduce a new technology? Does it offer added value to the bottled water industry? Has the product had a positive impact on the bottled water industry? Does the product improve bottler or consumer convenience and usability? Can the supplier justify/support all claims made about the product? Companies are encouraged to provide supplemental materials for review along with the written or video narrative. 

CLICK HERE to fill out the Product Innovation Award Entry Form online.

IBWA Advocacy Award ("The Selby")
To recognize exemplary advocacy taken by an IBWA member or nonmember, IBWA established an advocacy award during its 2014 June IBWA Board and Committee Meetings. This award acknowledges an individual or organization whose advocacy efforts have had a positive impact on the national/global conversation about and larger public policy issues important to the bottled water industry. 

CLICK HERE to fill out The Selby nomination form online.

2018 Bottled Water Hall of Fame
This prestigious award honors individuals, living or deceased, who have made significant contributions to the bottled water industry and their communities. The Bottled Water Hall of Fame award offers the bottled water industry a unique opportunity to salute its outstanding leaders.

CLICK HERE to provide the required letters of recommendation for the 2018 Bottled Water Hall of Fame Award. 

If you have questions, contact IBWA Director of Communications Sabrina Hicks at 703.647.4601 or shicks@bottledwater.org.