Win By Association Membership Campaign Information

Encourage a company to join IBWA

Welcome to the 2014 IBWA Win By Association Membership Campaign information page. IBWA has a goal to acquire 25 new members in 2014 and we need help from all IBWA members to accomplish this goal. Below is important about the membership campaign.

We understand that your participating in the IBWA Win By Assosiation Memebership Campaign is primarly because you would like to share the wonderful experience of IBWA membership; however, we believe your effort should be rewarded. Therefore, we have created incentives as our way of saying thanks.

How do you qualifying for recruitment prizes? Recruit at least one new IBWA member (Bottlers, Suppliers, Distributors, Candidate Bottlers, Affiliates, and International Members) and receive a cash prize of $300, or an Apple iPad with Retina Display or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (your choice)1. Also, you will receive one entry for ever new IBWA member you recruit to be entered into grand prize drawing. Click here for details. Lastly, every participant who recruits a new member will be listed on the 2014 IBWA Win by Association Membership Campaign web page and in a future issue of News Splash.

1 No device limit per participant during the 2014 Win by Association membership campaign

The Details
The 2014 IBWA Win By Association Membership Campaign period is January 1, 2014 and ends November 12, 2014.

Recruiting New Members
Encouraging a prospective new member to IBWA is easy. Just enter the name and contact details of the prospective member and we will do the rest. The prospective member will receive membership materials by email. An instant email message will be sent from IBWA to the person you refer with a link to the IBWA website where membership materials can be downloaded. If you prefer the individual to receive membership materials by mail please contact Dennis Carpenter at 703-647-4615 and Membership materials will be mailed within 24 business hours.

Participate in the 2014 IBWA Win By Association Membership Campaign!