Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc.

Whether you deliver bottled water commercially, residentially, or up-and-down-the-street; through the front door, from the parking lot, or off a curbside, a custom-built Mickey truck body is the most driver-friendly and efficient way to get the job done. Everything from 8-ounce bottles to 5-gallon containers. Standard Mickey features include: Low-profile design; All-Weather Door LocTM system; all-aluminum, uni-body construction; full-length, single sheet floors; one-piece rear and front panel skins; all-aluminum corner and intermediate machined castings; 12-year warranty. Mickey’s unique Service Delivery Model combines engineering expertise with a century of vehicle manufacturing innovation to turn your requirements into bottled water delivery solutions. It all starts with a clear understanding of the customer’s business objectives and a detailed assessment of the vehicle’s operational environment. The final product exceeds expectations for strength, functionality, quality and appearance. Mickey Truck Bodies has been family owned and operated since the company was started in High Point, NC in 1904. The company operates a national network of full-service Reconditioning/Service Centers and a complete Parts Shop with Genuine Mickey Parts, as well as parts for most competitive makes and models. Visit www.mickeybody.com and www.mickeyparts.com for more.

1305 Trinity Avenue
High Point, NC 27261

Phone: (800) 334.9061
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mickeybody.com
Contact Person: Tom Arland
Fax: (336) 889.6712