Recycling Champion Award

Recycling Champion Award -  2018 Winner

IBWA honors the individuals and groups that have demonstrated a passion for recycling in their communities by naming a Recycling Champion Award winner each year. The winner for the 2018 IBWA Recycling Champion Award is Ryan Hickman.

At the ripe old age of 7, Ryan is the CEO, manager, and sole employee of Ryan's Recycling Company. He has 50 customers and more than 200,000 bottles and cans to his recycling credit. What prompted Ryan’s life mission was a visit with his dad to the rePlanet recycling center in California when he was just 3½ years old. Ryan’s individual efforts at such a young age are making an impact in his community through recycling plastic, glass, and aluminum. In fact, Ryan’s community efforts were recognized by his hometown of San Juan Capistrano when it named him the city’s “2017 Citizen of the Year.”

“Ryan’s passion for recycling is inspiring and contagious,” said Culora. “His dedication to his community and work ethic exemplify what it is to be a recycling champion—that’s why IBWA is proud to name him this year’s IBWA Recycling Champion.”

The recipient of IBWA’s Recycling Champion award understands the importance of recycling all materials that are recyclable—whether made from glass, plastic, paper, steel, or aluminum—and have demonstrated outstanding efforts in recycling and creating awareness in their communities.

As the winner of this year’s Recycling Champion award, Ryan will receive an award certificate and $500, sponsored by DS Services of America, Inc.

“This is a fantastic sponsorship opportunity for DS Services to highlight a young man that has the rigor and the passion for recycling,” said Mark Campbell, senior vice president revenue officer of DS Services. “We all must to do our part in supporting environmental efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse. Congrats to Ryan!”

About the Award Sponsor

DS Services of America, Inc.

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