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Choice H2O LLC

A Choice H2O Dispenser Cap is designed to insert up to 3 grams of additives to a bottle of water in a single use. The patented design keeps the additive fresh and leak free until distribution of product is desired. Great for consumers looking for choices! This design version allows the consumer to dispense ingredients (whether it be vitamins, energy, nutraceuticals, or even probiotics). This is a scalable design for the need of more ingredients per dose. Standard size is 28 mm neck geometry other available sizes in 38mm and 55mm. A key feature is little to no impact to the bottler. All physical dimensions are similar or vary a small amount to existing caps.

10 Dana Street
Suite 300
Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (207) 699.5777

Tech-Long, Inc.

Tech-Long Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Tech-Long Packaging machinery manufacturer from China, is one of the leading suppliers to the bottling and packaging equipment to the soft drinks and beverage, spirits and water, wine, dairy and food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

6817 E. Gage Avenue
Commerce, CA 90040

Phone: (562) 928.7755

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